Tao Te Ching of Sales

The Tao of Sales 

Taoism (or Daoism) is an ancient Chinese  philosophy  of living life in harmony.  It believes there is a natural order to the world. The Tao is seen as the principle source, pattern and substance of everything that exists.  Nearly 2500 years ago, a man from the Henan province named Lao Tzu authored a book titled the Tao Te Ching.  This book is the inspiration of the Tao Te Ching of Sales. How is there a Tao of Sales?

For many sales professionals, the deal  is the only source of success.  The Tao of Sales doesn’t take a win/loss view. It abandons pushy, slick and aggressive selling.  The Tao of Sales  emphasizes virtues such as  wu wei (effortless action),  ziran (naturalness),  pu (simplicity), and spontaneity while placing less emphasis on norms and ritual.

Listening uncovers understanding, understanding discovers possibility, possibility becomes reality. Effortless, the trade is made, the deal closes itself. 

Below are a few blog post  that speak to the power of the Tao Te Ching of Sales. Read slowly, outloud. Reflect. Take action, through non-action.

Craft of Sales

Like a watchmaker building precision timepieces
The Master Seller hones  their craft to exact perfection.

When hunting, embrace cold calling
When meeting, listen  deep for understanding
When negotiating,  be patient and kind.

In speech be honest
In judging be fair
In business be competent
In action, watch  the timing.

The Craft of sales is for few
Rejected by many.

Trying on a Coat

To purchase  a new coat, the buyer must first try it on.
Reflecting on the style and color
They view it from all angles
Looking to see  if it will fit their  needs.

The Master Seller knows
Some coats fit, some do not.
They have  no desires of their own
They dwell in reality.

If they can help, they will.
If not, they leave it alone.

Buying Signs

If you want to demonstrate a solution
you must first allow the buyer to question it
If you want to generate curiosity
you must first allow them hold it
If you want them to understand
You must first let them describe how it will meet their  needs.

Look for subtle behaviors of ownership.
To  close a deal  you need only ask,
will this work?



Dwelling in Reality

Concerned solely on the fundamentals of sales
The master seller doesn’t get caught up in the pomp and theatre.

Focusing on the essence they avoid the fluff
Dwelling  in reality they  can  do no other.
Letting all illusions go
They see the situation as it is navigating rocks and reefs as necessary.

To some it appears they do nothing
Yet they accomplish much
While others busy themselves with activity
They have even more left to be done.

No Illusions

The master seller doesn’t get caught up in pomp and theatre
They focus on the essence and avoid the fluff
They dwell in reality and can  do no other
Letting all illusions go.

They see the situation as it is
Navigating rocks and reefs as necessary.
To some  it appears they do nothing
Yet they accomplish much.

While others busy themselves with activity
They have even more left to be done.

Forcing Decisions

Whoever relies on Master Selling
doesn’t try to force decisions
or beat down buyers with  logic and facts.

For every force there is a counterforce.
Even if  well intentioned,
always rebounds upon oneself
Placing the sale in peril.

The Master Seller does their  job
and then stops.
They understand that the sale
is never completely in their control,
and that trying to dominate events goes against the will of the buyer.

Because they believe in themselves
They don’t try to strong arm buyers.
Content with themselves they don’t need others’ approval.
Because they accept themselves,
the whole world accepts them.

Emerging Markets

As the seasons change
So does the market
Both creating and destroying opportunities
Revealing new problems and challenges.
Like water seeking it’s own level
The market seeks  balance.

Today’s solutions are tomorrows problems
The master seller is awake to possibility.

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