Water wearing away rock

With dogged persistence
Soft drops of rain
Wear rills and gullies
In the hardest of mountains.

So too does the Master Seller
Accepting long sales cycles
Patiently uncovering needs
Wearing away objections
Closing deals with resolve.

True Power

Electric Power PoleKnowing your product is intelligence
Knowing your market is true wisdom
Mastering selling is strength
Mastering yourself is true power.

Tenacity, Patience, Focus,
Discipline and Confidence,
Empathetic with Humor
These are the keys
to true power.


What is a good seller but a lost buyer’s teacher?
What is a lost buyer but a good seller’s job?
If you don’t understand this, you will get lost,
however intelligent
however clever you are.
It is the great secret.

Following Up

The buyer has needs
Yet they are ephemeral
Wants desired today 
Can vanish in an instant.

The window of opportunity 
maybe wide,
It maybe  narrow.
The Master Seller makes no assumptions 
And follows up quick.

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