Seeing Beyond The Obvious

To understand
We label buyers by what we see 
But the names have limits
Only the  effects of something subtle.

When you see beyond the label
You can sense  the true nature of the buyer,
Better share the benefits of your solution.

Look beyond the obvious 
Awake to the true nature 
Speak to it.


Cure is Quick

Not assuming a prospect’s desires is strength.
Knowing what’s good for them is weak.

Taking for granted and presuming instills weakness
Awake, the Master Seller knows the cure
Finding solutions that match needs
Conscious that prospects are unique as snowflakes
with their own struggles and frustrations.

Assessing Your True Power

Two weeks ago we wrote:

“Knowing your product is intelligence
Knowing your market is true wisdom
Mastering selling is strength
Mastering yourself is true power.

Tenacity, Patience, Focus,
Discipline and Confidence,
Empathetic with Humor
These are the keys
to true power.”

Since that time, we’ve gone into each skill, and examined them detail.  Take a moment and reflect on these skills and consider how they relate to you.

Skill leaderboard table

The table above is a Leader Board. Find your greatest strength and make it a 1. Then consider the next greatest strength, make it a 2. Continue to do this for the rest, and if there is a tie, give them the  same value. Repeat this process until all of your skills have been ranked.  Now examine and reflect.

Do you see room for improvement?  Is there opportunity not yet tapped? And are you sure this is how the world sees you?  Now comes the real test.  Forward this to three friends, people you can trust and you believe will answer  honestly and  fun have them rank your skill set.    Once complete, how do they compare to your list, is there a disconnect?  What is your True Power?


What is black
and white
and red all over?

The Tao Te Ching of Sales

Bearing gifts of amusement
Brightening the buyers day
Finding common absurdities in life,

The Master Seller
Generates trust with fun.


If you want to earn trust
You must listen,
If you want to earn faith
You must  empathize with  distress,
If you want to earn loyalty
You must desire to alleviate pain.

Repeated sales are the fruit of repeated compassion.
This key opens doors.


The path of trial and error leads to mastery
By accepting fear as true
Or soon come to pass
Confidence arrives
Built on a foundation of preparation.

Believing in themselves
The Master Seller allows things to unfold.
Not forcing things
They embody confidence, abundance, and mastery.


Sales mastery is clear and concise
yet people prefer the side paths.

Avoiding discipline,
They are out of balance.
Lacking organization,
Deals are lost.

Where skill lacks,
Hard work steps in.
The daily grind
Polishes the professional.



Money blinds the eye
Objections  deafen the ear
Boredom numbs prospecting 
Distractions  weaken follow-up
Desires wither the pipeline.

The Master Seller is awake 
Participating in every moment 
Staying on track
Keeping focus.


With Deliberate and measured growth 
The sapling reaches  great heights.

Knowing it’s not an absence of action,
The Master Seller  sees Patience as power,
They wait for the right time to act.

With steady follow-up
they advance the sale,
Guiding the close with a steady hand.

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