The Serious Choice

Trade Show The market values persistence.

Fearful of flash in the pans,
they prefer the serious,
the powerful,
the accepted,
and the safe.

The Master Seller is awake to this reality.
Knowing that buyers dread risk,
They find the true decision makers
Prepare for their objections
Showing they have the wise choice
The prudent path.


Shining Light on Complaceny

IMG_4701Enter sales calls with no expectations
Listen instead for the three things:
Satisfaction,Complacency or Fear
Satisfied, they are no longer a prospect
Fearful they are qualified opportunities,
Complacent they require patience.

The Master Seller shines a flashlight on complaints
She is good to prospects that treat her well.
She also good to prospects that don’t treat her well.
Humble she has faith in her solutions
She is optimistic like a child.

Pursuit of Closing

Forward ButtonIn pursuit of advancing the sale,
every day an objection appears.
In pursuit of closing a sale,
each day an objection is dropped.

How are you paying?
Who will decide?
What compels change?
Where else are you shopping?
Why shop now?
When will you decide?
How will you decide?

Objections tumble until non-objection is achieved
This is closing the sale.

Competition Is Not Your Enemy

Greek GuardsFor the Master Seller,
Sales is an engaging adventure of success.
For many,
A profession of frustration, dread and fear.

There is no greater illusion than fear,
no greater wrong than preparing to defend yourself,
no greater misfortune than making an enemy of your competition.

Whoever can see through all fear
will always be safe.
Whoever can see the needs of their clients
will grow market share.

Too many sellers focus on avarice and short term commissions They see the world as a zero sum game. A brutal game where the competition is just around the corner, ready to take away their portion of the pie. In truth, long term success is dependent on process, the process of understanding market needs and fulfilling them. By focusing on the buyer, you will take the offense and avert your eyes from defensive strategies. The marketplace has infinite possibilities. The Master Seller is forever awake to opportunity.

Dance of Marketing and Sales

Dancing Shoes

As in a dance
one leads
one follows,
each to the rhythm of the other
each to the rhythm of the music.
So too with marketing and sales.

Marketing takes the first step
Finding leads that are deftly handed off
to sales who takes the next step
converting the leads to prospects.
each to the rhythm of the other
each to the rhythm of the market
Twirling business with finesse and grace.

As in a dance
it takes two to tango.
As in business
it takes the two to sell.

The Supreme Virtue

FjordsCan you  stop your mind from wandering
And focus on what the prospect speaks?
Can you keep your eyes wide
And  awake to the buyers frustrations?
Can you appreciate their needs
Without imposing your will?
And can you close a deal
Without clever tricks and word play?

Selling without selling
Closing without closing
Allowing the sale to advance at its own course,
This the supreme virtue.

The Non-Seen

Glacier icebergWe show features during demonstrations,
but it is the benefits
that generate emotion.

We craft the demonstration
per the prospect’s request,
but it is not spoken needs
that differentiates your product.

We hammer professionalism and competence,
but it is the human connection
that builds trust

We work with seen
but non-seen is what we use.

Often times the buyer has a fuzzy idea about what they want. They will request you to demonstrate your product or service according to that ambiguous list. The Master Seller should know the buyer better than themselves. Understanding their world, they know the buyers desires and cleverly share benefits that differentiates from the competition. Often times, buyers don’t know what they want. But if you can show, that not only meet, but exceed their expectations, the deal is yours. You start with the seen, but it’s the unseen you use.

Updated Reading List

BookTaoTeChing Jane EnglishYesterday one subscriber mentioned  that my reading list consisted only of sales books yet the focus of this blog was sales in the context of the Tao Te Ching. Sheepishly I agreed that I had indeed skipped the inspiration of this blog, Lao Tze.   I have since added three books that have deeply influenced by thinking  of life and subsequently  sales.  The Master Seller cannot be successful unless their personal life is in order.  The life of the personal and life of the professional are inter-weaved in a manner that makes them inextricable.  As such I recommend these two translations and book for those interested in further understanding the Tao Te Ching of Sales:

  • Tao Te Ching by Lao Tze as translated by Stephen Mitchell
  • Tao Te Ching by Lao Tze as translated by Gia-Fu Feng and Jane English
  • Awareness: The perils and opportunities of reality by Anthony de Mello

Again I hope you find value in these selections. They have deeply enriched my life. Click here for access to the reading list.

If you would like to discuss these books or have any questions, please don’t hesitate or contact me anytime by clicking the “contact” tab.

Best wishes,



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