Updated eBook

Much has happened since the first of January. It was on that date I released the first copy of the eBook “Tao Te Ching of Sales”. We’ve blogged and discussed quite a bit since that time. I believe it’s time to release a second draft of the text.

Click to download the eBook


It’s currently 79 pages and I’m looking for readers who might be willing to review and provide comments. I’ve updated the cover and
considering the idea of rearranging the pages into a set of sections (they are currently arranged by the order they were first published). I might add a preface that clearly explains how I’m interconnecting the Tao with Sales. Some of the feedback I’ve received requests clarification on some ideas. Much like the Tao, this blog at times can cause the reader to scratch their head. Sometimes the nuisance is too much. Much can be done to make this book clearer and better reflect the essence of the Tao Te Ching of Sales. Any help would be appreciated.

I have a double-sided printer if you would like a hard copy. Enter your request in the comment below and I’ll respond with an email to get your address offline. Enjoy.

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