Selling Garments

Last night I was at the clothing store, shopping for clothes for my upcoming vacation. There was a wide selection of garments and I took a number of them into the changing room. One by one I tried each one of them on, deciding whether or not they would meet my needs. Some of the garments I kept for purchase, while the rest were placed back on the racks.

This is the same thing our prospects do when buying. They survey the products, both yours and the competition, to see if it meets their requirements. And oftentimes that means not just them, but the needs of a large number of people, with multiple roles across a large organization. Disorganized and grasping on their true needs, these prospects demand a large amount of patience and coaching. The Master Seller walk them through the process step by step. They are wise to the process, yet collaborative with a deft touch.

Sometimes you can help these folks, sometimes you can’t. They may not be ready, or they’re just tire kickers. The Master Seller is awake to reality and knows that this is the way the world works. They don’t burn bridges, they know it takes a compelling event to drive a purchase, and this moment, right now, may not be that time.


Following Opportunities

I was talking to two car dealers this week and wanted to buy a car from one I had previously done business. I was sending both of them emails to get the best price, yet this dealer never responded. A different dealer was constantly following up, giving me information I requested, asking me to visit for a test drive. I appreciated their efforts. So much so I visited last night and they sold me a car.

“The window of opportunity
maybe wide,
It maybe narrow.
The Master Seller makes no assumptions
And follows up quick.”

This was from the post Follow Up.


With Deliberate and measured growth 
The sapling reaches  great heights.

Knowing it’s not an absence of action,
The Master Seller  sees Patience as power,
They wait for the right time to act.

With steady follow-up
they advance the sale,
Guiding the close with a steady hand.

Following Up

The buyer has needs
Yet they are ephemeral
Wants desired today 
Can vanish in an instant.

The window of opportunity 
maybe wide,
It maybe  narrow.
The Master Seller makes no assumptions 
And follows up quick.

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