100th Post – Barking

This is the 100th posting of this blog and quite frankly I’m surprised! I can’t help but think:

“Tenacious and deliberate
The dog barks and barks
Wearing away patience
Until the door is opened.

So too does Pat.

Accepting the thrice weekly schedule
Patiently uncovering new topics
Wearing away his complacency and laziness
Even setting aside golf at times.

Barking the blog
with resolve.”

Fu Dog

I would like to celebrate this posting by thanking all the subscribers and readers who have been so supportive with comments and advice. I know at times these postings can be quirky and obtuse. Yet each week more people subscribe and past readers fail to hit the “unsubscribe” button. Their good will is an inspiration,  their patience heroic and forever they will have my most undying appreciation.

Thank you Master Seller and best wishes,

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