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yin-yang-300x336A few weeks back a  blogger named  Brett Jarman reached out  regarding the Tao Te Ching of Sales. He and his wife Jan Terkelsen have a forum focused on helping the  self-employed identify and overcome hidden barriers that limit or prevent business success. They kindly asked me to guest post about  sales and today it was published here: True Sales, a Taoist Perspective .

Sales is a profession that’s greatly misunderstood and derided, yet all business pivots on its existence. And it’s commonly an activity that self-employed business owners  find uncomfortable. Sales has evolved into a helping profession, where one person truly listens to the fears, frustrations and desires of another. When business owners can draw upon that passion and use it to motivate selling their products and services, their business will become all the more stronger. I wrote about true sales and shared a personal story about my first experiences bicycling. You may find it of value. Again click here to read the post.

If you’re considering starting your own  business, please take a moment to visit  Self Employment Mastery or you can follow Brett and Jan  @Self_Employ101 on Twitter.  Best wishes!


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What is the Tao Te Ching of Sales?

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