Selling Advantages

Ocean crashing on RocksThe wise seller considers the advantages and disadvantages equally.
If the competition is weak,
They consider the disadvantages to guarantee the sale.
If the competition is stronger
They search for their advantage to overcome weakness.

The Master Seller always takes the view,
the sale is theirs to lose.
They don’t plan on the competition to fail.


Five Keys To Sales Victory

photoThese are the five keys to victory:

Knowing if a buyer is a qualified, and who is not.

Knowing what to do when the competition is superior, and when they’re not.

Knowing the value you bring and how to share the relevance of that value with clarity.

Knowing the sales process and following it with discipline.

Knowing  that the responsibility of making sales lies wholly on you.


Thus the Master Seller teaches if you know yourself and you know your prospects you will make sales. If you know yourself and not your prospects you will lose many sales. And if you know neither yourself nor your buyers you will lose all sales.

Knowing is success.

Sales Monopoly

Knowing you can’t please everyone,
The Master Seller has a niche where few compete
A monopoly of sorts
Where  with each purchase
the buyer feels richer.

Some markets have competition
Some less.
Better the seller with a monopoly
Where the buyer sees value
And eager to purchase.

How can you make your product or service unique?   How can you differentiate in a manner the competition cannot overcome? In a market or in a sector can you frame a buying decision such that the prospect knows deeply they will save money when they pay you.  That is the measure of value. If you can’t express what makes you different, you will struggle to find business.  

You are different, you are better.   Aren’t you? 

One Sale Gives Birth to Two

The Tao Te Ching of Sales gives birth to Sales.
One sale gives birth to Two.
Two sales give birth to Three.
Three give birth to a solid business.

All sales have their foundation built on references
and stand facing the market.
When references and competition compete,
sales overflow the marketplace.

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