Credible Possibility

Considered a stranger 
The buyer is quick to judge the seller.
From dress, to speech, 
from handshake to eye contact
Credibility starts.

Considered an unknown 
The buyer measures the company.
From experience, to brochures,
From references , to network
Credibility proceeds.

Considered a possible solution 
The buyer vets the product.
From ease of use, to flexibility,
From  meeting specs,  to cost 
Credibility is cemented. 

Seller, company and product,
This is the path to credibility. 



Story Books
The nature of the world is beyond description
Yet stories are your greatest tools.

With the art of narrative,
the buyer identifies with your characters.
Compelling in action,
they see the struggle in their lives.
Clear in thought, 
they embrace the moral of your story.
Obvious  in solution,
they are drawn to your products and services.

By shedding light 
on what was once nothing,
The Master Seller becomes storyteller,
Creating possibility in the buyers’ mind.

Making the Hard Easy

Nothing in the world
is as weak as water.
Yet for dissolving granite mountains
nothing can surpass it.

The soft overcomes the hard;
the easy overcomes the difficult.
Everyone knows this is true,
but few can put it into practice.

Therefore the Master Seller
Remains cool under fire.
Prepared they are ready for all objections.
Because they have stopped avoiding work
their work gets done.

See the world as it is
Focus on the hard
until the hard becomes easy.

What Would You Do If

Like a flashlight in the dark
The Master Seller sheds light on solutions
When muddled and confused
They ask the buyer 
What would you do 
If you had more time?
What would you do 
If it  was easier to do your job?
What would you do 
With the money this solution would save?

By asking,  the buyer reflects, 
With reflection, comes understanding
With understanding, a decision 
And the decison to purchase.

By asking you receive.  
By questioning, you are  answered. 

Seeing Strangers As Yourself

See strangers as yourself.
Trust they will treat you as you would be treated.
Knock on the door 
Pick up the phone
Seek rejection, and leads that come as consequence. 

The Master Seller revels in meeting strangers,
The opportunities it may bring.

Sideways Deals

imageWhen a deal is in harmony
It advances with ease and grace.
When a deal goes sideways
There is confusion and doubt.

The changing of the guard,
A block on funding
Or stakeholder grudge can create the Great Illusion called fear.

Like a filled cup,
You must empty your thoughts before refilling it.
Allowing for possibility not yet revealed.

People often fail at the verge of success,
Give as much care to the end, as to the beginning.

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