Five Keys To Sales Victory

photoThese are the five keys to victory:

Knowing if a buyer is a qualified, and who is not.

Knowing what to do when the competition is superior, and when they’re not.

Knowing the value you bring and how to share the relevance of that value with clarity.

Knowing the sales process and following it with discipline.

Knowing  that the responsibility of making sales lies wholly on you.


Thus the Master Seller teaches if you know yourself and you know your prospects you will make sales. If you know yourself and not your prospects you will lose many sales. And if you know neither yourself nor your buyers you will lose all sales.

Knowing is success.


Listening Brings Talking

talkinglistening2Listening brings talking.
Talking brings listening.
The interaction of the two
creates discovery.

Without discovery both wants and needs are hidden.
Without wants and needs
there are no prospects
nor buyers.

Listening and talking
Talking and Listening
These are the staples of sales.

Shining Light on Complaceny

IMG_4701Enter sales calls with no expectations
Listen instead for the three things:
Satisfaction,Complacency or Fear
Satisfied, they are no longer a prospect
Fearful they are qualified opportunities,
Complacent they require patience.

The Master Seller shines a flashlight on complaints
She is good to prospects that treat her well.
She also good to prospects that don’t treat her well.
Humble she has faith in her solutions
She is optimistic like a child.


Not-knowing is true knowledge.
Presuming to know is a fools errand.
First realize that you don’t know
then you can move towards understanding.

Open your ears.
Awake to needs of the buyer.

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