Credible Handshake

Selling starts the minute you enter the doorway and  prospects judge the seller both swiftly and harshly. In sales  there are few mulligans and the first handshake is a bell that can’t be unrung.  If the buyer doesn’t like you, the quality of your product or service matters little.  

Next under the microscope is your company, demanding faith it is solid, trustworthy and viable. The prospect may genuinely like you, but if your company is the least bit green or sketchy, the sale is in peril.  

Lastly, the thing you are selling must fit their needs. Listening,empathizing, and flashy presentations may not be adequate. What needs to be answered are the questions “Does  this product or service make my life easier, does it take me to where I want to go?”

Without credibility, these questions never get asked.  


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