Making Things Right


Like any  human endeavor, companies and organizations make mistakes.  The natural reaction is to avoid the subject, deflect attention and not  take the blame. However to build enduring relationships, sellers need to accept responsibility, admit to being wrong  and do their best to make it right by the client. The correct course of action is to apologize  deeply and sincerely. A proper apology dissipates the conflict, sets aside arguments  and moves the issue towards resolution.

Though innocent, it’s often the Master Seller who must deliver the apology. Being able to do this skillfully will go far in retaining business and cooling angered clients.  The perfect apology:

  • accepts all responsibility
  • is honest about the companies guilt
  • makes  no excuses
  • offers up the desire to make things right

The hardest part of an apology is to not make excuses. It’s fine to admit that there were reasons for the mistake, and you may share these with the client at a later time. But during the apology excuses are never shared. The company must take full and total responsibility, admitting they were wrong.

Rarely do people get a complete and perfect apology. They are often surprised by such honesty and candor.  Clients soon back off their anger, feel compelled modulate their desires, and start to partner and collectively find solutions.  This all starts with the perfect apology.



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