Assessing Your True Power

Two weeks ago we wrote:

“Knowing your product is intelligence
Knowing your market is true wisdom
Mastering selling is strength
Mastering yourself is true power.

Tenacity, Patience, Focus,
Discipline and Confidence,
Empathetic with Humor
These are the keys
to true power.”

Since that time, we’ve gone into each skill, and examined them detail.  Take a moment and reflect on these skills and consider how they relate to you.

Skill leaderboard table

The table above is a Leader Board. Find your greatest strength and make it a 1. Then consider the next greatest strength, make it a 2. Continue to do this for the rest, and if there is a tie, give them the  same value. Repeat this process until all of your skills have been ranked.  Now examine and reflect.

Do you see room for improvement?  Is there opportunity not yet tapped? And are you sure this is how the world sees you?  Now comes the real test.  Forward this to three friends, people you can trust and you believe will answer  honestly and  fun have them rank your skill set.    Once complete, how do they compare to your list, is there a disconnect?  What is your True Power?


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