Weeding Out Poor Leads

Weeding TomatoesLike the farmer cultivating their crop
the Master Seller weeds out poor leads
Knowing qualified prospects bear fruit
They refuse to play the numbers game
of more leads means more sales.

They delight with qualified leads
providing each with patience and respect.

Honing their knowledge
they waste little time on poor prospects,
knowing it’s not how many people they meet,
but the quality of the opportunities.


Deep Roots Bring Longevity

The Master Seller takes a balanced approach
They are never stubborn with fixed opinions.

Because they are tolerant of difficult prospects
They are supple like a field of wheat 
Bending to the buyers  whims  
Giving answers to even the silliest of questions. 

No deal is impossible for them
Because they  let go fear.
They care for the needs of the customer
Like a Mom. 

This is called deep roots.
They have longevity with this foundation.
They have  lasting success. 

Elevator Pitch

imageBrief in words
Yet long in substance
Tuned for the ear of the listener
The Master Seller makes their pitch.

Both concise and precise
Asking questions that elicit response
in search of a gap
to be filled.

They Listen and Listen.

Generating Ownership

Sometimes during a presentation,  prospects have trouble understanding  how the bells and whistles of your solution will improve their lives.  During this time you need to bring home in concrete terms the value your solution or product can offer.  By asking “what would you do if”,  you challenge the buyer to take virtual ownership for a moment and reflect on its impact on their day. By getting them to talk in these terms you create ownership language. When they speak back about how it will improve their lives, the deal has advanced and will soon close.

What would you do if this one question  improved your sales ten fold? What would you do?

Craft of Sales

Like a watchmaker building precision timepieces 
The Master Seller hones  their craft to exact perfection. 

When hunting, embrace cold calling
When meeting, listen  deep for understanding 
When negotiating,  be patient and kind.

In speech be honest
In judging be fair
In business be competent
In action, watch  the timing.

The Craft of sales is for few
Rejected by many.

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