Advancing Awake

Advancing SaleAwake to the sale
Advances happen as a matter of course
Asleep to the sale
You are surprised by events.

It is easy to react
Next easiest to respond
The hardest is to initiate
Knowing the next step.



Helping Hand

The buyer is busy.
With their cup filled to the brim,
they fail to make time and consider alternatives.

The Master Seller extends a helping hand
to clear their minds.
They help discover frustrations and desires.
They create possibilities
with new products and services
the buyer alone cannot see.

In the hubbub of the everyday, prospects often and understandably fail to step back and challenge the processes they’ve been doing. They know that things could be simpler, faster, and of higher quality. But the demands of their customers take precedence and fill their day. Retrospection is left for tomorrow.

As Master Sellers, it’s our responsibility to “awake” the prospect to new possibilities. We must reach out to them, they won’t come to us. It requires patience and a certain bravado to create a conversation, that allows them to self reflect. But in that self-reflection, openings are created. It is here where the seller may have solutions, to alleviate their suffering.

It is the Master Seller who takes the initiative and empties the buyer’s cup.

Sales Cycle

Bicycle chain and sprockets
Like the seasons
Each sale has a cycle.

Some a few days
Some a few years
Prospects buying when they need to
Not when the sellers needs a sale.

Awake to the buying cycle
The Master Seller generates urgency.

By understanding fears,
and desires,
They connect the dots
showing how they can help.

Identifying needs
They create desire.
Closing the deal
It’s done sooner rather than later.

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