It’s Time

Clock 7:06When leads decrease
it’s time to cold call.
When sales stop advancing
it’s time to reconnect.
When demonstrations fall on deafness,
it’s time to sharpen the pitch.

This is called recognizing the reality of sales.

Weak overcomes hard,
Loss generates resolve.
Each day, win or lose, has lessons.
Recognize them.


Shining Light on Complaceny

IMG_4701Enter sales calls with no expectations
Listen instead for the three things:
Satisfaction,Complacency or Fear
Satisfied, they are no longer a prospect
Fearful they are qualified opportunities,
Complacent they require patience.

The Master Seller shines a flashlight on complaints
She is good to prospects that treat her well.
She also good to prospects that don’t treat her well.
Humble she has faith in her solutions
She is optimistic like a child.

Updated Reading List

BookTaoTeChing Jane EnglishYesterday one subscriber mentioned  that my reading list consisted only of sales books yet the focus of this blog was sales in the context of the Tao Te Ching. Sheepishly I agreed that I had indeed skipped the inspiration of this blog, Lao Tze.   I have since added three books that have deeply influenced by thinking  of life and subsequently  sales.  The Master Seller cannot be successful unless their personal life is in order.  The life of the personal and life of the professional are inter-weaved in a manner that makes them inextricable.  As such I recommend these two translations and book for those interested in further understanding the Tao Te Ching of Sales:

  • Tao Te Ching by Lao Tze as translated by Stephen Mitchell
  • Tao Te Ching by Lao Tze as translated by Gia-Fu Feng and Jane English
  • Awareness: The perils and opportunities of reality by Anthony de Mello

Again I hope you find value in these selections. They have deeply enriched my life. Click here for access to the reading list.

If you would like to discuss these books or have any questions, please don’t hesitate or contact me anytime by clicking the “contact” tab.

Best wishes,



Three Legs of Success

Skill Desire Value
Three legs on the stool of success
Without one leg
There is no Balance.

What we do well
What we want to do 
when others appreciate   your skills. 

While mastering others is strength
Knowing the intersection of your self’s
skill, desire, and value is true power.

Speak to the End

Scompass mappeak to the end
Beginning is an assumption.

Without a destination in mind
The journey is hard to fathom.

With map and compass
A path can be plotted,
But only if you know where you’re going.

Far too often we are thrilled to start projects with only a vague sense of how it is to be completed. Without an end goal in mind, intermediate steps cannot be formulated and soon the project becomes one in a number of “good business ideas” placed on the rubbish heap. Visualize the end, articulate it, share it with others and enroll them on your quest. The end is a very powerful tool for the Master Seller. Use it wisely.

Knowing Your Competition

Sellers have strengths.
Sellers have weaknesses.
This is true of both you and the competition.

If you understand who you are,
And know your competition too,
You needn’t fear losing deals.

If you know yourself, but not the competition,
You will win some deals, lose others.

Yet if you know neither yourself, nor the competition,
You will fail in the marketplace.

Seeing Beyond The Obvious

To understand
We label buyers by what we see 
But the names have limits
Only the  effects of something subtle.

When you see beyond the label
You can sense  the true nature of the buyer,
Better share the benefits of your solution.

Look beyond the obvious 
Awake to the true nature 
Speak to it.

Cure is Quick

Not assuming a prospect’s desires is strength.
Knowing what’s good for them is weak.

Taking for granted and presuming instills weakness
Awake, the Master Seller knows the cure
Finding solutions that match needs
Conscious that prospects are unique as snowflakes
with their own struggles and frustrations.


I drift through life
Unsure of where I am
Where to go.

I think of each choice
Considering different paths
Choose with open eyes.

The total cost of ownership
Weighs both pros and cons
Considers trade offs
Potential futures.

No longer asleep
The automated machine
Is turned off
Replaced with wakeful decision-making.

Wake Up

I am dumb to the world 
Decisions of ignorance  are folly.

I am informed and observant 
Decisions are wise and thoughtful.

Better the sage than the fool 
With an ear to reality
A listening for knowledge.

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