Question MarkYesterday posting spoke about the fear of cold calling.

Sales cannot be won without leads. And often times its the seller who must cold call prospects to hunt for leads.  Yet it’s the fear  of rejection that slows or stops  sellers from success.  Awareness of this fear is the start of realizing that fear as no more than morning fog  to be cleared as the sun rises.

Review yesterdays teaching and ask  yourself:

Do you have a prepared list of prospects to meet or call each day?
Do you have a prepared greeting that explains your visit unapologetically with confidence?
Are you prepared for rejection and ready to accept it willingly?

Unless you answer yes to all of these, both your  overt concern for success combined with the fear of failure will debilitate your ability to cold call successfully.  For those questions you answered no, plan a way to answer the questions yes, and approach tomorrow with the new found confidence of a Master Seller.