Looking Good

Question MarkYesterday spoke about how “looking good” is a barrier to picking up the phone and potentially embarrassing yourself in front of a stranger. This fear focuses your energy, not toward the task at hand, but at the self’s fear of humiliation.

Put yourself in a prospects shoes. How do you treat sales people when they call you? Are you patient, curt, distracted or sometime curious about what they say? Might not it be that these are the same possible outcomes  could happen when you’re the caller? And with these outcomes do any of them have anything to do with embarrassing the seller? From the prospects point of view, the seller is an after thought. And in the case of your prospects, so are you. So why be embarrassed! 

Make a list of possible outcomes that might occur when cold calling.  Spend  a day marking off which outcome happened at each of your sales calls.  At the end of the day tally them up and awake to what in reality happens. Note how predictable the cold calls become and how any “yes”  or “no” needn’t  raise or lower   the value your self esteem.  Often the greatest barrier to success is yourself. 

The Master Seller revels in  meeting strangers and the opportunities it may bring. 


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