National Sales Conference “It’s About Performance: The Art of Sales” Denver, CO -June 6

Conference sponsored by the Sales Association

Next week I’ll be attending the the National Sales Conference hosted by the Sales Association. I attended one of these events in Chicagoland last fall and was extremely impressed by the speakers and topics. I was able to share with peers,  who like myself,  struggle with sales and sales management. I was also able to pick up a number of new skills and strategies that I  applied  immediately.

According to the website , here are some things you’ll learn during this conference:

  • How to align your team for lights-out, peak performance
  • The big difference between making sales and making profitable sales
  • How to sell value and create long-term customer engagements
  • The difference between what you think the customer’s needs are and what they really are
  • The four metrics that determine your sales success
  • How to uncover possible cracks in client relationships
  • 3 steps to building a social selling culture

This is probably short notice, but if you can set aside a day , you’ll not be disappointed.  Again the link is

Please leave a comment if you’ll be attending.


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