Accepting Problems

Most sales have problems. 
It is common as spring rain,
Business as usual.

As opposed to life picking on them
The Master Seller accepts 
no one is immune from adversity.
They see problems as opportunity 
For growing business and wisdom.

Problems are a consequence of change.
Neither positive or negative.
Know only the unemployed Seller 
Has no problems.


2 Replies to “Accepting Problems”

  1. So true, Pat. It would be so wonderful if we could remember to always see that our problems are opportunities! I love that the Chinese character for “crisis” is also the same for “opportunity”. It is in the language.

    1. How interesting. And how logical too. In the business world we look for change, search for the rising tide and hop on the wave if helpful. Some derisively call this opportunism. But I see it as being Awake to the Tao. It’s good to see the written Chinese language is in agreement. Thanks Amy.

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