Making Money Like the Bee

Like a marathon
The task of building new sales is hard
While the reselling of existing clients
Comes as easy as the winter melt.

Better to build relationships that last,
Making money like the bee
Who does not hurt the flower
But pollinates the whole garden.

Difficult Prospects


If the buyer is difficult,
don’t cast away the opportunity.
Awaken them with your demonstration,
Elevate them with your clarity.
Repay their rudeness with patience.

Don’t lose the opportunity,
Gain their trust.



Not-knowing is true knowledge.
Presuming to know is a fools errand.
First realize that you don’t know
then you can move towards understanding.

Open your ears.
Awake to needs of the buyer.

Pitfalls of Comfort

Like water that seeks it’s own level, 
people seek comfort.

The master seller knows there is no learning in comfort.
They leave each morning 
Seeking challenges
Advancing sales 
Knowing the  axe is sharpened with the rough stone.

Seeking No

Some buyers can be served, some not
When hunting, most leads end in No

While others wither at rejection
The Master Seller smiles with each No
The more No’s the more Yes’s

Seek the No
to find the Yes

An eBook for the Master Seller

When I first learned to ride a bicycle, I fell down a lot. The same thing happened when I started sales. I recall when I got my first three orders: get out, stay out and don’t come back. I was so proud. To stop falling down I reflected on the Taoist notions of balance and applied them to the world of business.  As I’ve matured I’ve found sales to be a constant balancing act.

I started this blog to share a bit about the yin and yang of the business deal, on how to control the sale, by not controlling it. I’ve collected some of these thoughts in a eBook that I share freely. Take a moment each day to read one page, and look for ways to apply.


A new year is upon us and I’ve taken up the challenge to post weekly to this blog.  Please use this  forum to generate conversations on the mastery of selling. I urge you to comment and share  on these  posts, both positive and especially negative. I’m not afraid of falling down. For the Master Seller listens before talking, sells without effort, shares without preaching, demonstrates without closing.

Never assuming the sale, the Master never loses one.

Happy New Year!

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