Thawing the Gatekeeper

imageWater is soft to touch
Yet can overcome the hardest of granite
Relaxed and authentic
A cold call can thaw the coldest of gate keepers.
Not pushing, not bullying, not rushing the moment.
A genuine desire to help and befriend
Opens doors to opportunities.


3 Replies to “Thawing the Gatekeeper”

  1. I understand where you are going with this and agree with “help and befriend” piece, but a cold call will not thaw anyone regardless of how passive it is. Each contact must provide value to earn credibility/thaw with the gatekeeper or prospect.

    For example, doing your homework on a prospect/company and providing some useful free information right upfront.

    1. You are correct on a couple of points here. I didn’t go into this but it’s important to have a well rehearsed script that speaks to your audience. It must roll off the tongue seamlessly and immediately finish in a question that demands a response beyond yes or no. Passive is certainly not the path, more assertive, but charming. I was hoping to get across (though I may have failed) that spewing and bullying the gatekeeper to listen will not create a connection. I’m constantly amazed the connection you can make sometimes with complete strangers over the phone. Again the Taoist paradox of moving forward while not pushing if that makes sense.

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