3 Replies to “Seeking No”

  1. Hi Pat – One of the hardest things I had to learn in sales was to ask the hard, scary questions that could lead to a “no”. There is a tendency to get happy ears and only hear the “yes” and then waste time with a lead that is not a good fit. Now, I want to understand why the customer must act now before I spend any time. The sooner I can weed out the weak leads, the more time I can spend on the real deals.

  2. Sorry if this was posted twice…

    Asking the tough questions that could lead to a “No” is one of the top things to master in sales.

    When I first started in sales, I had “happy ears” and only seemed to hear the “yes” from leads. This would cause me to waste time with leads that eventually got to a no but wasted time first.

    Now, I ask the scary questions (e.g., Why do you need my solution now?) right up front and actually seek out the no. This allows me to spend more time with the good leads.

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