A Cold Call Script

The Master Seller listens first
to understand
Before being understood.
By asking,
They receive
Creating opportunities.

Let’s say the Master Seller works for a manufacturing machine company.

I’m PAT from MACHINE COMPANY and  I’m calling about the business climate in ANYWHERE USA this MONTH. From what we hear business is improving are you finding that true at XYZ SPROCKETS?

No matter what they say, you say …

Yes  I hear that from others too.
Do you think this is going to continue or get better, get worse?

Listen, listen, listen.

Are you folks doing any new projects that require MACHINING solutions?  

If it sounds like they might be prospects you say….

Who would I talk to about that?  

You might add…

What advice do you have for me? How best can I get in contact  Mr. Snead? 

The trick is to get them to talk. Recall the Master Seller is genuinely interested in Understanding Troubles

Both bartender and psychologist
The Master Seller listens.


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