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Ocean crashing on RocksA few months back a  blogger named  Amy Putkonen reached out regarding my blog the Tao Te Ching of Sales. She had once written a post on the intersection of  marketing and Taoism and believes the two are a terrific match. She was excited to see a new blog solely dedicated to sales,  marketing and the Tao. She kindly asked me to guest post on her blog and today it was published here: Tao Te Ching Daily Guest Post.  I wrote about discipline in sales.

She kindly writes “the concepts of selling can be applied in all areas of life and business and are good for everyone to know.”   I truly appreciate her kindness and urge you to visit her blog the Tao Te Ching Daily. She has been creating a version of the Tao Te Ching and discussing it at great length with a wonderful set of readers. I  find her very perceptive and skilled at making the unclear, clear.

Again you can visit Amy’s blog  the Tao Te Ching Daily or you can follow her @amyputkonen on Twitter.



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